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"Jobs On Sight" - an application for most of your needs.

Jobs On Sight International Pvt. Ltd.,headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, is a subsidiary company of Germany-based JOS International UG. Visionaries with varied interests from Germany and France have united to lay the foundation of this company to change the way jobs and services have been perceived in India. The vision of the company is to provide an opportunity to every individual in India to find a job as per his or her skill set in a field of their choosing. The application also stands up for employers to hire the best skills available. Utilizing technology in this manner is indeed revolutionary with wide, positive social connotations. For the first time, employability is right at your finger tips, right where you are located this second, keeping in mind the importance of your privacy and security.

Ever needed a plumber and you waited so long for one that you almost fixed it yourself?

Is a vacant spot in office staring at you for long?Is running a check through all job applications on mail is becoming a tad difficult to manage?

Well, it is time to bid adieu to your troubles and save time.



About Us

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JOS for a cause.

Jobs On Sight is an application available on iOS and Android, designed to provide location-based jobs and services. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to spot lucrative employment opportunities for job hunters within a 5 km radius. For employers willing to hire, the app allows spotting talent. Gauging the nature of available skills or a work ambience is possible through a compulsory rating system done by registered users of the app.

Added benefits come your way with a scope to transfer files, upload the curriculum vitae,connect via video chats and calls, use audio chats and calls, text chat for convenience. Even a preliminary interview can be done virtually. A smart phone with data connectivity is the only tool required.

JOS bridges the gap between a service provider and service seeker in more ways than one. It helps detect both on a map without using airtime. Just choose your pick.

Jobs On Sight focuses on its contribution to the convenience factor. In the comfort of your house or office you can schedule work to be done. You can employ staff directly and pick a choice you feel fit for the job to be taken care of, be it employing a nurse for a hospital, placing a financial planner for your company or looking for an auto rickshaw/taxi. Our application offers you a wide arena to satisfy your demand, whether you are seeking services that require expertise or layman jobs which need immediate attention.

It does not matter whether you are a Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician or Gardener looking for work, a Semi Skilled/Unskilled/Skilled laborer working in a factory, a CA, Nurse, Doctor, Software Engineer, or any other professional working in the corporate world, you could be a Security Guard, Construction worker, Waiter, Chef, Driver, Daily Wages worker who stands out at the cross roads early in the morning too! No matter what the profession or skill set, through Jobs On Sight, you could always find your perfect placement.

Well, all these potential employees would be meaningless if there was no one to provide them with an opportunity, right? So if you’re a potential employer and in need of hiring someone’s services, this is the perfect platform to find your solution!!

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At JOS, we offer you over 25 industry sectors to choose from. Students may look at summer internship to utilize their study breaks. For the neglected, unorganized labour segments, a modest registration on the platform is all it takes to help place your skills on hire, be it a plumber, mason, electrician, on-hire drivers or housekeepers.
For those looking for their coveted job, JOS will meet expectations with slotted results for a filtered search that meet qualifications.
JOS has on its radar, daily wage workers who stand every morning at the cross roads, no matter what the weather condition. Through this application they can plan their entire day or even week.
Jobs On Sight focuses on its contribution to convenience. Be it about getting staff recruited directly or designing a schedule for home and office, be it employing a nurse in a hospital or hiring an auto rickshaw or taxi, the application satisfies all your demands.
You may be semi- skilled, unskilled or skilled. An individual could be working in a factory, may be a Chartered Accountant, a nurse, doctor, a software engineer or any other professional working in the corporate world.
You could also be a security guard, a construction worker, waiter, chef, a driver, a daily wage worker who has to stand at cross roads early in the morning scouting for an earning opportunity. And you may find comfort at JOS.
Never mind the specifics of your skill set, JOShas them listed and will always find your perfect placement.
At JOS, we believe in bringing people together, thereby solving mutual requirements. This is an innovative employment platform that banks on user-friendliness and has something for everyone. This is your one-stop shop and endless opportunities wait to be explored.

Having an arrangement like ours, not only re-assures you of services being received but also comes to the rescue when ‘you’ are the one exploring the opportunity of employment.

You can seek an opportunity of employment in sectors like transport, trade or sales OR you can cater your services domestically as a tutor, baker or music teacher.The opportunities are endless.

Our Vision is to see every individual in India employed & self sufficient. Jobs On Sight is your one stop shop.

About Our Application

Jobs On Sight is your one stop shop. Our application provides all the latest fetures which enable you to get a right job.

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Our Team

The Team behind Jobs On Sight.

While these gentlemen are veterans in their respective fields, they are also philanthropists by heart and believe in giving back to the society what they received from it, there by contributing in a small way towards a better tomorrow.

Avinash Sondhi
Founder & Managing Director
Guenter Stallecker
Founder & Director
Luk Abert
Pirmin Schroff

Message from the Managing Director

Jobs On Sight is the other name for disruptive innovation. This is a first-of-its-kind mobile application armed with tools that accumulate the best in white- collar and blue- collar jobs. A mix of Indian market analysis and indigenization and global expertise are in unison to take human relations a notch higher.

We are especially proud of the seamless integration of blue-collar jobs into our platform that our team of experts has been able to do. We give power to the unorganized sector and reduce hassles for the daily wage workers. After all, there is a growing demand for their skills and they are the pillars, but are sadly taken for granted.

We already boast of a huge database of workers across 100 categories and sub-categories. Jobs On Sight directly aligns the service provider and service seeker in the most convenient arrangement and helps both engage in a mutually beneficial alliance.

JOS has chosen to take advantage of a steady spurt in the use of smart phones and smart devices and the high- speed data connectivity available. A quicker access is much sought after. With the job market getting highly competitive, it is about not missing out on an opportunity and making hay when the time is ripe.

We intend to make ourselves relevant to students and handhold them through summer internship of choice, helping them to utilize their time and make a first dent in their career.

Jobs On Site will be a consistent partner in your growth. We are just a swipe away. Come join us and explore.

Office Admin & HR

Manish Barot

Sr. Manager

Pooja Bhanushali

Hr. Manager

Neepa Bhatia

Admin Assistant

Sales & Marketing

Harlin Ray

Marketing Head

IT Team

Mitul Bhanushali

IT Head

Dipak Brahmbhatt

Sr. Quality Analyst

Akshay Degada

Sr. iOS Developer

Yagnik Patel

Jr. iOS Developer

Shailesh Padhiyar

Jr. Android Developer

Sabirali Kharodiya

Sr.PHP/Drupal Developer

Mohasinali Nodoliya

PHP Developer

Rajendra Singh Solanki

System Admin


What Clients Say About Us

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Employee / Service Provider

Package Validity Days Price
Monthly 30 115
Quarterly 105 345
Half Yearly 210 690
Yearly 425 1380
Employer / Service Seeker

Package Validity Days Price
Monthly 30 575
Quarterly 105 1725
Half Yearly 210 3450
Yearly 425 6900


Latest Job Openings


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Experience : 2 to 3 years of experience. Location : Ahmedabad

Required Skills:

  • Excellent experience in Photoshop, illustrator.
  • Familiar with moke up design for web and App.
  • Familiar with poster design.

Note: Applications accepted through JOS app only.

  • Download the JOS app.
  • Sign up for employee.
  • Set profession & subscribe
  • Open menu search job Type “JOS International“ select your job.
  • Apply for job.
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Experience : 2 to 3 years of experience. Location : Ahmedabad

Required Skills:

  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Excellent in convenience skill.
  • Able to promote a product in a market.

Note: Applications accepted through JOS app only.

  • Download the JOS app.
  • Sign up for employee.
  • Set profession & subscribe
  • Open menu search job Type “JOS International“ select your job.
  • Apply for job.

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